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Global Diversity CFP Day (Jan 2020) | Oslo Norway

January 18, 2020

Global Diversity CFP Day

Global Diversity CFP Day Oslo Norway

What is CFP?

  • A lot of conferences will require you to submit a Call for Papers, or CFP.
  • Usually CFP is just a paragraph or two for your talk abstract, a paragraph or two directly to the conference organizers, and then maybe special things like your Social Media Network handle.

What to Speak about?

  • Start Simple
  • Have your content written in some form Blog, Articles
  • Visit Conferences and Meetups, (Commercial conference - If not free there are discounted tickets)
  • To choose Topics

    • Think about
    • What excites you
    • What fears you / What makes you sad
    • The Ahaa moment
    • Index card (note the topics down somewhere)
    • Being passionate on stage - People like it
    • Session should be useful and Interesting
    • Know you audience, What they expect
    • Try not to overestimate the level of expectations from your audience
    • Nothing is too easy for any audience (there are mixed audience)
    • Level your session properly

      • Beginner
      • Intermediate (Target your talks in this area)
      • Expert
    • Sometimes beginners are the best ones to speak on topics
    • Being an expert is not important
    • Don’t be afraid to fail
    • There can always be an expert attending your talk

      • Don’t let that bother you
    • Answering to audience

      • Listen the question properly, repeat to make sure you are answering correct question or you understand the correct question. This has a lot of benefits
      • Be frank if you don’t know the answer
      • Don’t get triggered by the questions
      • Just relax, There is always a polite way to answer
      • Make sure you are not offensive
      • Your personal experience on a topic makes it your talk

How to submit the proposal ?

  • Put your efforts in this, there are no shortcuts
  • Read and update
  • Don’t mix topics
  • People love stories, what you messed up, how you fixed things
  • The Title

    • Very Important
    • Eye Catching
    • Sets the expectation
    • You need to deliver on your topic
    • Convince your audience that the talk is gonna be worth their time
    • Title starting with name for framework sometimes work
  • The small abstract

    • Language is important
    • Should be easy to understand
    • Event specific abstract is useful
    • Structure it properly
    • What problem you will solve
    • How you will solve that problem
  • Ask for feedback, to work upon if your proposal gets rejected

    • Sometimes you may not get the feedback or the feedback can be very generic
  • Some conf also provide speaker training
  • Sometimes conferences enforce templates

    • Example Title slides
    • You can be flexible with it
    • if you are not comfortable politely reject this
    • What you present is your property, you own it
    • Title slide sets the moods


  • conference use this for gathering proposals
  • Finetune abstract before submitting

    • has an event directory
  • Books

    • Ted Talks
  • Conferences

    • probably the best
    • NDCOslo
    • webrebels
    • Niche conference
    • hardcore javascript
    • ngvikings
    • mobileera
    • nicoslo
    • sqlsaturday
    • lightning talks
    • for beginners
    • Hack your way to zavazone
    • JavaZone meetups


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